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Children's Pendant Lamp Uni 37cm White

Childrens Pendant Lamp Uni 37cm White
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Children's Pendant Lamp Uni 37cm White
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UNI collection - children's joy
The UNI series from the Polish brand MiLAGRO is a dream come true for almost every girl. The combination of subtle, delicate pink with white and the unicorn motif makes this lamp a must-have addition to the room of a lover of this fairy-tale character. The collection includes: a wall lamp, a hanging lamp, a ceiling lamp with two and three light points. Thanks to this, using this series, you can create a coherent interior design.

UNI lamps are ideal for a child's room, which they will give a unique character. The classic style of the series with a hint of elegance and a unicorn motif and small crystals will work in interiors with a minimalist, slightly elegant design, where there is a limited number of accessories. Sconces, ceiling and hanging lamps, due to their simple, geometric shape and stylish addition, will prove themselves in modern rooms where bright, pastel colors prevail. Their soft light will create a cozy atmosphere. It will also be suitable when the child falls asleep. An interesting effect can also be obtained in the bedroom by hanging sconces symmetrically on both sides of the bed, just above the child's bedside cabinets.
UNI series - quality guarantee from the Polish manufacturer
The combination of high-quality metal, fabric, wood and small crystals is adapted to light bulbs with E27 thread. Depending on the specific model, the lamp may require 1, 2 or 3 separate light sources (not included). In addition, the entire series of lamps is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, which is 24 months.
MiLAGRO brand produced by a Polish manufacturer, UNI collection ideal for girls includes the following types of lighting:
• wall lamp MLP6489
• hanging lamp with one light point MLP64900
• ceiling lamp with two light points MLP6491
>• ceiling lamp with three light points arranged in parallel MLP6492
• ceiling lamp with three light points arranged side by side MLP6493

Dimensions: L: 37cm × W: 37cm × H: 50-90cm

Socket Type: 1xE27 max. 60W

Material: Metal, Plastic and Wood