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LED Pendant Lamp Daphne 40W Gold

LED Pendant Lamp Daphne 40W Gold
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LED Pendant Lamp Daphne 40W Gold
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The DAPHNE collection is a series of lamps that bring elegance and modernity to the interior, while maintaining a minimalist design. Available in two colors - black and matt gold - these lamps look extremely stylish and harmonious in various spaces. The color black symbolizes elegance and modernity. Metal elements with a black finish give the lamps from this collection expressiveness and a unique character. This lighting provides a perfect contrast to light walls and furniture, creating an effective composition. Matte gold is the color of luxury and exceptional class. The matte gold finish gives DAPHNE lamps a subtle but impressive character, which makes them an ideal choice for people who value unique details. Lamps from the DAPHNE collection are available in various power variants, from 12W to 40W, which allows you to adapt the lighting to a specific space. They fit perfectly in the bedroom, where they can be placed on both sides of the bed, providing a cozy glow. They also create a unique atmosphere over the kitchen island or in the dining room and add character to the interior. The DAPHNE collection is a combination of modernity, elegance and functionality that brings unique charm to your interiors. Regardless of whether you choose black or matt gold, these lamps will perfectly emphasize the style of your space, creating a harmonious and effective arrangement.

Dimensions: L: 117,5cm × W: 20cm × H: 30-130cm

Bulb: Integrated LED, 40W, 5094lm

LED color temperature: 3000K (Warm)

Material: Metal and Glass