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Model: BB-A22
This light bulb is a small design jewel that mixes vintage charm with LED technology. Its transparent glass and copper dome give every environment a warm and fascinating illumination, perfect for creating play of light and enveloping atmospheres, but without dazzling. With the classic look of A60 dr..
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Model: BB-A24
By combining retro aesthetics and modern LED technology, this light bulb offers charming and high-quality illumination. Its design stands out for the copper coating on the top of the bulb, creating a unique and decorative lighting effect.With its warm and inviting light, this dimmable LED light bulb..
Ex Tax:10.65€
Model: BB-A12
With its old-world charm and eco-efficient soul, this bulb is a perfect example of design and functionality. The elegant golden top not only catches the eye, but also plays with light creating effects that are both fun and precious. With the grace of a drop, it fits most E27 bulb holders, at home, i..
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Model: BB-A14
A synthesis of the warmth of vintage design and the efficiency of modern LED technology, this bulb creates distinctive light effects thanks to the golden coating on the top, which fascinates without dazzling. Proudly fitting any E27 socket, it is suitable to be the focal point both in residential a..
Ex Tax:10.32€
Model: BB-A02
A droplet-shaped light bulb that represents the perfect fusion of retro charm and LED innovation. Its silvery coating on the top of the dome is perfect not only for creating light effects, but also for directing the illumination towards the base, enhancing the designs of the wall or lampshade and pr..
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Model: BB-A04
In perfect balance between vintage aesthetics and LED innovation, the half-silver sphere bulb projects a rich and fascinating light, thanks to its transparent glass, enriched by an elegant silver finish on the upper part. For highly effective light games, without glare. Dedicated to those who seek a..
Ex Tax:9.19€
Η πιο ιδιαίτερη εκδοχή της συλλογής Fermaluce συνδυάζει πολυτέλεια και πρακτικό στυλ με τη μεταλλική λεπτομέρεια και το κυλινδρικο καπέλο για τη δημιουργία ενός κομψού και μοναδικού φωτιστικού οροφής ή τοίχου. Το κυλινδρικό αμπαζούρ είναι 100% Made in Italy από εξειδικευμένο εργαστήριο. Επιλέξτε το ..
Ex Tax:48.39€
Χάρη στο ενσωματωμένο στήριγμα καλωδίου και το μαστό M10x1 που διαθέτει, το φωτιστικό σποτ GU1d0 μπορεί να γίνει μία απλίκα τοίχου ή ένα φωτιστικό οροφής. Δεν χρειάζεται να γκρεμίσετε τοίχους ή να αλλάξετε τα ηλεκτρικά συστήματα που έχετε χάρη στη ροζέτα με ενσωματωμένο διακόπτη. Απλώς εγκαταστήστε ..
Ex Tax:47.58€
Model: PDL2117TP13PAN01NAT
This pendant lamp represents the essence of craftsmanship adding a distinctive exotic allure. The heart of the product is the handmade Honolulu lampshade, which tells stories of distant lands and authentic culture. The fringes give a light and playful movement, evoking images of oases and pristine l..
Ex Tax:82.58€
Model: PDL3110RN06PAN02NAT
The pendant lamp with the Moorea lampshade is a celebration of craftsmanship and natural furnishings. The wooden rosette and lamp holder pair with the jute cable and the lampshade in raffia palm leaves. The result is a combination of textures and materials that speak of earth and rustic authenticity..
Ex Tax:81.29€
Model: PAN01-NAT
The Honolulu raffia lampshade complete with fringes has an exotic look and an eco-friendly heart. Each specimen is in fact handmade with the largest leaves of the Raphia palm, 100% biodegradable and compostable. This super flexible, ethnically charming material is perfect for creating beautiful lam..
Ex Tax:42.90€
Model: IP44-E27-2-B-PAN03NAT
If you are looking for a special light that manages to combine minimalist design and artisanal authenticity, our wall and ceiling lamp with a raffia lampshade is the product for you. At the center of the creation, a lamp holder that blends with the fascinating Tahiti lampshade - 54 cm in diameter - ..
Ex Tax:81.53€
Model: PAN03-NAT
It's not the usual lampshade, our Tahiti in raffia. With its 54 cm diameter, it loves to stand out by adding an exotic touch to any environment. A symbol of natural elegance and commitment to the planet, the raffia that composes it comes directly from the largest leaves of the Raphia palm and is eco..
Ex Tax:74.35€
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