Warranty & Returns

1.        Led products that are sold in our shop have warranty of high quality which is provided by our delegations from 1 year up to 3 years for specific products.

2.        Special purpose bulbs and the electrical equipment don’t have any warranty. If there is a manufacturing origin error, we guarantee for immediate replacement.

3.        Offer products in most cases do not have any warranty.

4.        Products warranty do not cover damages caused by rough handling, misuse, incorrect connection or fault setting and contrary to the product installation instructions, different voltage, short-circuit, fire, high or low temperature, moisture, weather phenomenon (lighting, flood, sun exposure, etc). The warranty does not provide the right to financial compensation apart from repairing or replacing the product (of our choice).

5.        The customer is charged with shipping cost in case of damage due to factory fault, included in the warranty, as well as our company is charged with the shipping cost to the customer. Products have to be shipped in their packing, so that the return will be accepted from the responsible factory.

6.        Changing products due to customer dissatisfaction will be accepted only if the packing(box) of the product is intact without damages and strict up to 5 days from the purchase date (Receipt or Invoice), the product have to be at the exactly same condition as when it was shipped without any damage or deterioration. The company has the right not to accept a product change if the price of the product is above 120€ and the product was upon request for the specific customer.

7.         Decolight is not charged for any deterioration or damage resulting from shipping, as we provide excellent packing to minimize the possibility of damage during delivery.Transport agencies are charged for any deterioration or damages cost during shipping after customer’s request.

8.        Products warranty that Decolight provides is based on its providers, so Decolight is not charged for any deterioration or factory error. Only the providers are charged for any deterioration or factory error.

9.         Products warranty is only for replacement and repair. Under no circumstances the warranty includes the delivery back to our company and does not include installation- removal operations costs.

10.      In case of returning non fault product after five business days Decolight.gr charges the customer for the specific product. No money are returned to the customer. The company replaces the product with another of the same or higher value.

11.      Product replacement or repairing is done after check from the respective company department and approval for replacing or repairing the product. This procedure is EXCLUSIVELY on the competence and judgement of Decolight.gr.

12.     In case of unavailability of the returned product, a different product will be provided or a credit note will be issued.

13.      Returns will be accepted after filling in the returns form, sent via e-mail after request. You may send emails for complaining or returns ONLY to sales@decolight.gr.

14.      The company is not responsible for products damage due to installation or placement combination with other products. Each product has suggested products for placement and installation. ATTENTION to product installation with different characteristics.

 15.     For any information or question or product return you may find us to our branch office in: 55 Polygnotou str, 54351, Thessaloniki Greece.

Telephone: +30 2310531910 and e-mail: sales@decolight.gr.

Working hours Monday - Friday : 09:00 - 18:00