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LED Tube T5 9W Dimmable

LED Tube T5 9W Dimmable
LED Tube T5 9W Dimmable
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  • Model: 05-19-014170

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05-19-35004170 Warm White 3000Κ, 230V, G5,  900lm, 180º, Dimensions: 600x16 mm
05-19-35004171 Natural White 4000Κ, 230V, G5,  950lm, 180º, Dimensions: 600x16 mm

• Direct replacement of T5 fluorescent bulbs without removing the original electronic ballast.
• The T5 LED bulb is compatible with all major brand name ballasts of the market. Please ask for our compatibility list.
• Replacement example: For normal operation of T5 LED bulb 40W which replaces 80W T5 fluorescent bulb you should use electronic ballast for single or double bulb of 80W.

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