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LED Circular T8 G10Q 32W G40

LED Circular T8 G10Q 32W G40
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LED Circular T8 G10Q 32W G40
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  • Model: G10Q32CW

*NOTICE: LED lamp G10Q32CW replaces CFL 40W T9 lamp and must be installed in lighting fixture with 40W magnetic ballast and remove starter (Connection must remain the same as CFL 40W lamp).

Code 05-02-G10Q32CW

Wattage (W) 32

Voltage (V) 230 AC

Type of LEDG10Q

Colour Temperature (K)6000 K

Luminous Flux (lm)2500lm   
Beam Angle (dgr) 180

Dimensions (mm) 29x400

Packing 1                        
Lifespan (h) 30,000h 
Ra                       >80                                       

Class Energy A+

Warranty 1 Year 

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