Dimmer 400W LED DM - 400L MASTER

-20%  Dimmer 400W LED DM - 400L MASTER

The Dimmer DM - 400L (controller Lighting) is an innovative digital technology products Leading Edge & Trailing Edge specifically engineered to meet fully the needs regulation; the illuminance-regulation and energy saving, using lamps (dimmable LED), economy lamps ( dimmable CFL) and prior art lamps (ohmic - halogen).

Is safe, reliable, and aesthetically shapely product made of special integrated circuits art and endurance plastic parts for difficult operating conditions and usage.


Handling: The Dimmer DM - 400L features for handling of a rotary potentiometer for modulating the fire; tion that incorporates buttons (ON / OFF) for Power Efficiency;-off and off lighting.

* It also has input for wired remote control command of one or more; particular remote button.


threshold setting: The DM; - 400L enables us to pre; adjust the minimum point brightness lamp Dimmable Led if required. This process is achieved by adjusting a potentiometer (trimmer) located in the product rod.


Advantages of DM? 400L:


Specially designed for LED.

Unlimited number of lamps (Dimmable Led) to the power of 400 Watt.

Select Function (Leading Edge -? Trailing Edge) depending on the connected load.

Soft Mode - Start to protect lamps.

Capacity of setting lower lamp brightness threshold.

Electronic protection against short circuit, overheating and overvoltage with automatic reset in operation.

Remote control with buttons from one or more points (Power Efficiency; tion; - off and brightness adjustment).

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