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LED R63 Spot E27 8W

LED R63 Spot E27 8W
LED R63 Spot E27 8W
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LED R63 Spot E27 8W is applicable to both exterior and interior downlights. Ideal for home lighting, entrance lighting for apartments and hotel inputs.



Wattage (W)88W 
Voltage (V) 230230 
Τype of LEDSMD2835SMD2835  
Colour Temperature (K)2700-3200 K5700-6500 K

Luminous Flux (lm)630lm 650lm 
Beam Angle (dgr) 160160 
Dimensions (mm) Φ63x106  Φ63x106
Packing 10 10  
Lifespan (h) 15,000h15,000h 
Energy Class A+A+
Warranty 2 years2 years 

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