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LED Candle E14 4W

LED Candle E14 4W
LED Candle E14 4W
LED Candle E14 4W
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LED Candle E14 4W
LED Candle E14 4W
LED Candle E14 4W
LED Candle E14 4W
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Replace your conventional lamps with LED bulbs of high brightness and power. Use Led candle or spherical Led in chandeliers, wall lamps or reading lamps in your home and office. Save energy up to 90% with LED lighting. Suitable for broad use in professional premises such as hotels, storefronts, shops, public spaces and restaurants.

Data sheetProduct cardProduct card
Product identifier01-19-1303401-19-13035
Nominal current35 mA35 mA
Lamp power4 W4 W
Luminous flux340 lm350 lm
Colour rendering index CRI80-8980-89
Lamp shapeCandleCandle
Light colour categoryWarmCool
Colour temperature3000 K6000 K
Beam angle160 °160 °
Diameter38 mm38 mm
Length100 mm100 mm
Degree of protection (IP)IP20IP20
Energy efficiency classA+A+
Weighted energy consumption in 14 kWh4 kWh
Average nominal lifespan17000 h17000 h

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