We love Scandinavian Design, so we're bringing you another Danish Designer Lamps brand. This time, we've partnered up with Design By US Copenhagen to bring exclusive, innovative products for the first time to Greece and Cyprus!

New Wave Optic Wall

Using materials such as natural marble, glass and fabrics, DesignByUs produce incredible creations, made possible by their talented designers.


A Vintage creation, lovingly designed and crafted for the admirers of 50s and 60s MURANO glass. Each lamp a unique composition, that can never be reproduced. MURANO VINTAGE lamps are assembled in Denmark in 3 different sizes, made of hand-made, mouth-blown glass. Made to order, the lamp is finished once the unique glasses have been selected. The lamp's look is complemented by a high-quality lampshade, dressed in an impressive watercolor effect, that ties everything together.