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Vita Unfold At Home

Wouldn’t it be great to try out a new lamp before you bought and installed it? With VITA Unfold at Home app, you can do just that! This augmented reality app lets you visualise how all of the products from VITA lighting appear in any physical space. Unfold them in your own home or wherever you feel like trying out our collection of lampshades.

Simply search for VITA Unfold at Home or VITA lighting in the App Store, download and install it. Browse through our products, choose a lampshade family and decide on size, colour and accessories.

This augmented reality app takes advantage of your phone or tablet's camera in order to display what the lamp will look like in your house. Take pictures and save them to your photo folder or add them to your favourites. Share your creations on your social media platforms to get feedback from your friends and family. The app lets you experience any of our lampshades in the context of your own space, ensuring that your favourite VITA lamp shines exactly where you want it to shed some light.

The app is available for free for all iPhone and iPad users, and it will soon be released for Android devices.

Download and enjoy the VITA Unfold at Home app, and share it with all your fellow VITA enthusiasts! If you love it as much as we do, then don’t forget to rate it and to write a review in the App Store.

Bumped into any problems or have any suggestions for improving our VITA Unfold at Home app? We encourage you to reach out to us and send an email to